Turkey Management Guide

Turkey Management Guide

Date published:  10 January 2023

AVEC, representing the European Poultry Meat Sector acknowledge that good turkey farming practice and turkey house management are vital for turkey health and welfare. Turkeys are sentient beings and shall be treated with respect. AVEC agrees with the One Health approach where the health of humans, animals and ecosystems are interconnected. Good farm management practices are an essential aspect of jigsaw to ensure the health and wellbeing of all the interconnected elements.

Good turkey house management practices include:

  • Care for animal health and welfare aspects.
  • Turkey-specific training of staff.
  • Bio-security measures, daily checks and maintenance of the technical facilities.
  • Recording, monitoring and evaluation of results.

The health and welfare of the turkeys are the results of a combination of interactions between good turkey housing practice, the equipment, the building, the monitoring and stocking density.

Turkeys are kept in houses where the following aspects are provided:

  • Appropriate nutrition
  • Freedom of movement
  • Physical comfort and the need to perform normal behaviour
  • Progress or advance in feed, housing, equipment, medicines and genetic research should be considered to improve the conditions during rearing.This stakeholders’ agreement aims to ensure the best and quickest possible implementation of these innovations in the turkey farming.

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