Working groups

AVEC’s four working groups are committed to tackling some of the most important areas in the European poultry meat sector. You can read more about each of the working groups by clicking on the links below.

Animal health and welfare

Animal health and welfare is critically important to AVEC and the European poultry industry. We work hard to protect the health and welfare of our animals.

Food safety and food quality

AVEC is committed to producing food our consumers can trust. We are defending food safety standards around Europe and bringing quality products to the table.

Sustainable production

Poultry meat has the best feed conversion ratio of the different meat species and has therefore lower emission levels to the environment. Despite these advantages, the poultry sector is working to increase the efficiency of the production in order to address the challenge of the climate change.

When implementing new environmental policies, all the aspects of sustainability, meaning economic, social and environmental pillars of sustainability have to be taken into consideration to guarantee the viability of the business.

EU poultry sector and trade

AVEC supports WTO multilateral trade agreements. We actively contribute to EU initiatives to strengthen exports and introduce bilateral free trade agreements with third-country trading partners.