Our vision

Our vision

Our vision is for a future with European poultry on every table.

AVEC is committed to improving knowledge, innovation and transparency in the European poultry meat sector. We champion the shared values of the sector so that every consumer, food professional, official and politician can have confidence in our products.


Food security

We believe our first responsibility is to consumers. We are passionate about providing wholesome and nutritious European poultry meat to consumers around the world.

Animal health and welfare

European poultry producers are rearing healthy, thriving birds. Healthy birds provide healthy meat which is safe and nutritious. We adhere to European animal health and welfare standards, and support sustainable and responsible production techniques.

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR)

The European poultry sector takes antimicrobial resistance (AMR) very seriously, and AVEC is committed to minimising the use of antibiotics. We use as little as possible, and only as much as is necessary.

Food safety

European farm-to-fork principles ensure high levels of food safety. The European poultry sector is proud to produce according to these principles. We continuously strive to reach ever higher standards of food safety, and do so through innovation.


We encourage the use of modern technologies to support farmers and poultry meat processors. Such technologies can give them a competitive edge on the market and provide greater market transparency and reliability.


There is high demand for European poultry meat outside the EU. We are committed to boosting trade with non-EU countries and maximise our trade surplus for food and food specialities.

Helping rural areas to thrive

One of our key principles is supporting and enabling growth and job potential in rural areas around Europe.

Producing more with less

The European poultry meat sector is producing more with less. We are always looking for ways to reduce out carbon footprint and reduce wastage. We make sure that every part of the bird is used so that as little is wasted as possible.