The 2019 European elections have put topics such as animal welfare and livestock farming at the top of public agenda. Farmers, as well as all the professionals of the sector, are facing a growing amount of misinformation without always having the possibility and/or the capacity to reply. This situation has to change. All the members of AVEC are convinced that livestock, under all its forms, has brought, and will continue to bring, many benefits to Europe while constantly improving its practices.

AVEC is a part of the European Livestock Voice Рa multi-stakeholder group of like-minded EU partners in the livestock food chain that decided to unite to bring back a balanced debate around a sector that is playing such an essential role in Europe’s rich heritage and future. The associations which represent sectors ranging from animal health to feed, to breeding and animal farming and farmers, aim to inform the public about the social value of livestock production and its contribution to global challenges, offering another perspective in the ongoing debates.

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