Our Sustainability Charter

AVEC is proud to announce the launch of its first Sustainability Charter. This Charter symbolizes the commitment of the European broiler meat sector to a more sustainable future.

The AVEC Sustainability Charter aims to provide a clear roadmap on the key attributes leading to the best balance between the 3 pillars of sustainability (Environment, Social and Economy) and guaranteeing the resilience of the sector in the future. The key will be to find a point of equilibrium between the pillars, and not to have an improvement on only one pillar with indirect negative consequences on the other pillars.

At a time where food security has come back as a major preoccupation in the EU and in the world, following the war in Ukraine, AVEC members are committing to maintain a sufficient level of production to feed the EU and the world population with qualitative and affordable broiler meat. The AVEC Charter takes the form of a list of ambitions put forward by the sector on the following areas of priority: Environmental impact, Packaging, Animal welfare and Use of antibiotics.

The AVEC Charter aims at paving the way for continuous improvement. The journey to sustainability and resilience in each EU country is different and must be considered and respected. It is designed to evolve across the years and amongst AVEC’s members. In parallel, AVEC invited its members to translate and adapt the Sustainability & Resilience Charter to their national strategy towards sustainability.

Please read the full version here: AVEC’s Sustainability Charter