Food security: European Poultry meat is safe, healthy and nutritious

Animal Health and Welfare: European poultry producers raise healthy birds through good animal health and welfare standards; and produce high quality meat that our consumers trust.

AMR: The European Poultry Sector takes the issue of AMR very seriously and is committed to minimizing the use of antibiotics while ensuring good bird health and welfare.

Food Safety: Our Farm to Fork principles ensure a high level of food safety. The European Poultry Sector is proud to produce high quality food based on these principles, and we strive to keep pace with science and innovation.

Innovation: We encourage the use of innovative technologies to support farmers and poultry meat processors to giving them a competitive position in the market and ensure greater market transparency and certainty.

Trade: The European poultry meat sector is an asset for our economy with regards to trade with non-EU countries. The growing popularity of European poultry meat across the world is creating new opportunities for our producers to strengthen our trade links and secure new markets.

Jobs in thriving rural areas: The European Poultry Meat sector promotes economic growth and strengths local communities by creating jobs in rural and semi-rural areas across Europe.

Circular Economy and waste: The European Poultry Meat sector is proud of producing more with less. We are committed to sustainable poultry production through a low carbon footprint, minimizing waste and using all of the bird.