European poultry meat: the world’s favourite meat

Poultry is the most widely consumed meat in the world, and is enjoyed by many as part of a balanced diet.

For years, the European poultry meat sector has provided the world with nutritious and safe poultry meat. As part of this, the sector is highly integrated and has kept its focus firmly on science and critical innovation to engage and develop trade.

The ongoing success of the sector is defined by its collective knowledge and commitment to these core aims:

  • to provide EU citizens with healthy, sustainable, safe and affordable meat
  • to contribute to a healthy EU economy by creating jobs and supporting trade
  • to defend and uphold EU food safety, animal welfare and environmental protection standards

AVEC’s role

AVEC is the voice of the European poultry meat sector. It facilitates communication and exchange between international organisations and decision-makers, and focuses on key areas like animal health and welfare, food safety and quality, trade and sustainable development.

AVEC acts as a reliable, open and credible partner for all stakeholders in the poultry meat sector, media and institutions.

By advocating for coherent European policies which will work on the global stage, AVEC is ensuring the development of a solid and thriving European poultry meat sector.