New Promotion Project

New Promotion Project

Date published:  06 August 2020

A new communications campaign for EU poultry meat was launched in July 2020. Under the heading ‘This is European poultry! High-quality poultry with European guarantee’, it aims at strengthening the confidence of professionals and consumers in the quality of EU poultry. The campaign focuses on the importance of the EU standards to ensure a high level of animal welfare, sustainability and food safety. Enjoyment will also have a central place in the campaign: many of the planned activities will focus on the nutritional benefits and the myriad ways poultry meat can be prepared.

This initiative has brought together 5 national poultry organisations from France, Germany, Italy, Poland and the Netherlands and their European umbrella association, AVEC, under a two-year program supported by the European Commission.

What you need to know about EU poultry
On average, each EU citizen consumes 25.3 kilos of poultry meat per year. “Our products are very much appreciated by EU citizens, and their popularity continues to grow. Our idea is to inform them about the improvements that the sector has achieved over the recent years.” explains Birthe Steenberg, Secretary General of the European organisation AVEC. In fact, the standards in the European Union are among the highest in the world. This is ensured by strict EU regulations, but also by the sector’s own efforts to continuously improve production conditions with regard to resource conservation and animal welfare.
The campaign also seeks to build awareness of the versatility of poultry, encouraging consumers to learn more about the different types and parts of poultry, and providing inspiration for its preparation.

A varied mix of communication measures
The core messages of the communication campaign will be disseminated through various information channels in all six countries. They include a new website, a comprehensive information brochure, advertising, events and a social media campaign.
In Brussels, an event on 13th October is organised in partnership with the media network Euractiv and will gather high level speakers to discuss the role of poultry meat in the future EU farm to fork strategy.

The EU poultry sector – Guaranteed food supplier in times of the coronavirus
It was only through the coronavirus crisis that many EU citizens became aware of how important modern agriculture is to society. Despite many logistics challenges, the European poultry sector showed its resilience to the crisis by ensuring continuous supply of poultry meat to all EU citizens.
By launching their joint promotion program, the partners seek to demonstrate that the production of EU poultry meat is supported by strong legislation that assures the high quality of the products. Consumers can be confident about buying and consuming EU poultry meat – “Enjoy, it’s from Europe!

Would you like to learn more about animal welfare and sustainability in EU poultry production, about the nutritional benefits of poultry meat, or the many ways to prepare it?

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