EU promotion project

The aim of the SUSTAINABLE EUROPEAN POULTRY promotional campaign is to promote European poultry meat, as well as the sustainability of its production methods, highlighting its commitment to achieving a more sustainable and environmentally friendly agri-food industry.

Sustainability is the key word in poultry meat production in the European Union: in fact, the European poultry sector is committed to producing more product with the use of fewer resources, improving its performance through three pillars of sustainability: Environment, Society and Economy.

Thus, three national poultry organizations representing the sector in Spain (AVIANZA), Germany (BVG) and France (CIPC), led by their European umbrella association AVEC, have joined forces to develop and carry out this ambitious promotional campaign.

As part of the Green Deal, the European poultry sector supports the Farm to Fork strategy, which strives to build a healthier and more sustainable food system. Specifically, its main objective is to ensure that European consumers have access to healthy, affordable and sustainable food; while working against global warming; protecting the environment and ensuring efficient use of natural resources. In this way, a fair economic return is achieved in the food chain; offering a diversity of product choice to consumers.

With the support of the European Commission and a series of promotional and information activities in Spain, Germany, Belgium and France, the EUROPEAN POULTRY – SMART CHOICE campaign will include online and offline communication channels to spread its sustainability message, as well as the organization and management of a series of events in the 4 participating countries. Last but not least, the creation of promotional tools, such as paid advertising, promotional items and institutional videos, will aim to reach and attract as many consumers as possible.

The main objective of this communication campaign will therefore be to educate consumers, opinion leaders and European families about the sustainability of the poultry sector in Europe, spreading awareness of environmental, social and economic aspects.

The promotional program aims to reach more than 18,500,000 consumers through advertising, social media activity and events; and more than 1,000,000 people through news and press articles.

We invite you to make the smart choice, to choose European poultry meat. Sustainable and good for you and the planet.

What does the program have to offer?

  • Public Relations: Press releases and press events
  • Website and social networks: Website, RRSS (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest)
  • Advertising: online advertising, collaboration with influencers, television, offline advertising, print advertising.
  • Communication tools: Promotional articles and institutional videos
  • Events: Seminars at universities and schools, B2B events, B2C workshops, Restaurant Weeks, trade fairs, Chef at Home event.



Federica Chiarella (AVEC)
Project Coordinator

Press Contact