AVEC is a part of the DELTA FLU Project

AVEC is a part of the DELTA FLU Project

Date published:  28 June 2018

AVEC and ELPHA are a part of the DELTA-FLU which is a consortium with top-level experts from Europe, North America, and Asia.

Through interdisciplinary research focused on key questions of AI, DELTA-FLU will determine

1) potential for some highly pathogenic avian influenza viruses (HPAIV, e.g. H5N8 clade to be maintained in wild bird populations and spread over long-distances,

2) key viral, host, and environmental factors for incursion of HPAIV from wild birds into poultry holdings,

3) roles of viral, host, and environmental factors in the transition of low pathogenic avian influenza virus to HPAIV in poultry,

4) effect of flock immunity against AI on early detection and viral genetic drift, and

5) viral genetic factors that allow reassortants of avian and mammalian influenza viruses to transmit efficiently among pigs.

Primary sectors and end-users (like AVEC and ELPHA) are involved through participation in the Multi-Actor Panel, which will also play an important role in the translation of the results into effective prevention and control strategies. As such, DELTA-FLU will make significant advances in knowledge of AIV dynamics and provide the evidence base for improved diagnosis, prevention, and control strategies for AI in poultry, as well as for reducing the possible risk of AI to become potentially pandemic.

Currently, participants of all 10 DELTA-FLU consortium partners and members of the Scientific Advisory Board, the Ethics Committee and the Multi Actor Panel come together to the first Annual Meeting in Rotterdam.

All partners give progress reports, results are discussed and next steps and further cooperations are planned.