Webinar: Costs and implications of the European Chicken Commitment in the EU

Wednesday, 22 May 2023, 10.00 am CET

About the event: 

Numerous companies across Europe, spanning from retailers to restaurants and catering businesses, have already signed up to the ECC, a framework of standards made by animal welfare NGOs, which aims to enhance animal welfare. The ECC commits its signatories to apply several requirements such as the use of slower-growing chicken breeds, a lower stocking density etc, to 100% of the (fresh, frozen and processed) poultry throughout their supply chain before 2026.

But what will the consequences of a shift to the ECC standards be? As ECC compliance progresses, crucial questions regarding its environmental implications and its effects on chicken meat production remain unanswered.

To shed light on these issues, AVEC has commissioned a study from RSK ADAS Ltd (ADAS) – a consultancy firm specialising in agriculture – to assess the likely impact of fully adopting the ECC requirements across EU chicken production and determine the consequences.

During the webinar on the “Costs and implications of the ECC in the EU”, you will have the opportunity to:

– Discover the findings of the study through a thorough analysis by the ADAS team

– Participate in a dynamic panel discussion, delving into the intricacies of sustainability and how to strike a balance between economic, environmental, and social considerations.


Jason Gittins – Technical Director – Livestock, Agriculture and Land Management, ADAS
Claire Bury – Deputy Director-General, DG Sante
Wolfgang Schleicher – Managing Director, ZDG (The Central Association of the German Poultry Industry)
Paul Lopez – Poultry expert & Former President, AVEC
Emma Calvert – Senior Food Policy Office, BEUC (The European Consumer Organisation)

Moderated by Birthe Steenberg – Secretary General, AVEC

Don’t miss out on this invaluable opportunity to stay informed and contribute to the conversation shaping the future of poultry production in Europe.

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