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  • a.v.e.c. study on the competitiveness of the EU poultrymeat sector

a.v.e.c. has commissioned Wageningen University and Research Centre (WUR) to conduct a study on the competitiveness of EU poultry meat sector.

The report analyses the differences in production costs and how lower import levies between the European Union and third countries will impact the competitiveness of the European poultry meat sector. 


Study on the Competitiveness of the EU poultry meat sector, base year 2015

(The initial version of the study contains data from 2011 and a first update from 2013. If you want to get access to this study please contact

  • Transparency study comparing the practices between the EU and US:

a.v.e.c. has commissioned ADAS to conduct an independant study on the differences in practices in the whole poultry meat production between the US and the EU.

The aim of the study is to compare regulatory requirements and key practices in the poultry meat supply chains in EU and USA.  There is no attempt to quantify the impacts of differences in financial terms.


                                                                       Transaprency study_0.png

Comparison of the Regulatory Framework and Key Practices in the Poultry Meat Supply Chain in the EU and USA





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Tuesday, 2 December, 2014